New River Vanners


New River Vanners

New River Vanners & Cottage

New River Vanners and Cottage is located in the beautiful mountains of Sparta, North Carolina. It is a 3-generation family run operation, based on faith, trust, and honesty. The Luffmans have been running a working farm for decades. Starting with Cattle, they have expanded to Alpacas, Gypsy Vanners and now run a successful, quaint and peaceful retreat Cottage. From one family to anothe​r, with good, old-fashioned Southern Hospitality, we welcome you to an extension of our family. 

We are close friends and breeding partners with Gypsy Farms in Virginia. If we do not have something for sale that interests you, we would be happy to direct you to some of our friends, who may have what you are looking for!

C&B Ranch (in Northern Virginia)

Terra Bella Ranch (in South Western Virginia)

Many of our amazing photographs come from a good friend of ours, Linda Jean Photography. She has personally purchased a New River Vanner to show off with unicorn photoshoots and potentially Equine Therapy in the future! We are so excited to see Hauser & Linda grow and flourish! If you are interested in seeing her gorgeous photos, please check out --->